When your Route 66 Road Rally adventure begins, we ask that you take a photo of your vehicles odometer to show the current mileage. At least a portion of your Route 66 Road Rally booklet MUST BE VISIBLE in the photo for verification, and the mileage must also be easily read. At the end of your Route 66 Road Rally adventure, you must take another photo in the same manner, showing the ending mileage. These two photos must be submitted to us for verification. The difference between the odometer readings will be your official Route 66 Road Rally mileage.

We realize that your trip may not have consisted solely of Route 66 travel… Side trips and exploration are what make the Mother Road such an amazing trip. We are not going to penalize you for getting out and exploring. All of your mileage will count towards your certificate, as it was part of your adventure.

**Lite Version participants can order an Official Certificate Of Completion, the ULTIMATE SOUVENIR, for only $14.95 by emailing Route66RoadRally@gmail.com **