The ultimate road trip souvenir package.


Are you planning a trip down Route 66? Rather than taking just a simple “road trip”, why not turn it into a Route 66 Road Rally adventure!!!! Whether you are just going a few miles, or doing the entire thing, Route 66 Road Rally offers you the chance to turn your trip into an amazing adventure. This is not a race, it’s the adventure of a lifetime. You can begin and end your Route 66 Road Rally adventure ANYWHERE you want, and ANYTIME you want. Registered participants receive a Route 66 Road Rally tshirt, a rally sticker, and a Rally booklet, containing instructions, road games, activites, scavenger hunt, Rally information, instructions and more. At the end of your Route 66 Road Rally, you will also receive a personalized, mileage verified Certificate Of Completion documenting your adventure, and have your name added to our Wall Of Fame on the Route 66 Road Rally website. **Please note that the “Lite Version” is very basic sample version of the Route 66 Road Rally, and does not include tshirt, complete Rally booklet, sticker, or Certificate of Completion. However, those items are available for purchase separately to Lite Version participants.**

During your adventure, you can use your Route 66 Road Rally booklet to follow along with a Scavenger Hunt, where you get points for things you see and do along the way…. For example, historic landmarks, abandoned buildings, vehicles, Route 66 signs, etc…. You also get points for each Route 66 diner you eat at, or Route 66 motel or campground you sleep at. Points for each stamp you get in your Route 66 Passport (we highly recommend getting these). Get more points by picking up any litter (drink bottle, etc), and putting it in a trash can. We certainly don’t expect you to walk around with a trash bag, but if you see any litter, and there is somewhere convenient to dispose of it, do it… POINTS!!! You can also earn points by posting your photos on our facebook page…

So, what do you do with your points? At the end of your Route 66 Road Rally adventure, add up all of your points, send us a photo of your points total in your Rally Booklet, and we will send you some cool swag!!!